Chile and Uruguay are considered high income countries, with similar social indicators, and therefore sufficient conditions to implement prevention, attention and reparation policies for all children, in particular those whose rights are threatened or violated, especially those temporarily deprived of parental care and placed in residential institutions. In this context, UNICEF organizes this International Seminar aiming at identifying, developing and discussing solutions and models to overcome the challenges and make progress towards the deinstitutionalization of children and adolescents living in residential care, in order to ensure their right to live in a family.

About the Seminar

General objective of the International Seminar: ‘Deinstitutionalization: Living in a Family is a Right’

Identify, develop and discuss proposals of good practices and new models to tackle the challenges that exist in alternative care, in particular in residential child care, to reduce the number of children and young people living in institutions, and the possible deinstitutionalisation of Uruguay and Chile.

Specific objectives:

  • Present new methods and challenges regarding the right to family life in high-income countries like Chile and Uruguay
  • Establish necessary commitments in policies for the inclusion of the recommendations for adapting the existing initiatives and/or new initiatives for the reduction of children and young people in residential care, strengthening family reunification (with the biological family and/or the kinship family) and achieving deinstitutionalisation (through a permanent family solution, achieving reunification with the biological or kinship family, or through adoption).

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International Experts

Regional Experiences


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Technical Documents

Presentations – September 3, 2019

  • Presentation Andy Bilson - PDF - VIDEO
  • Presentation Susana Tonda - PDF
  • Presentation Maria Elena Arzola - PDF
  • Presentation Delia Pop - PDF
  • Presentation Jose Bergua - PDF
  • Presentation David Tobis - PDF
  • Presentation Benedito Dos Santos - PDF
  • Presentation Veronica Silva - PDF

Presentations – September 4, 2019

  • Presentation David Tobis - PDF
  • Presentation Ester Valenzuela - PDF
  • Presentation Carmen Carro - PDF
  • Presentation Claudia León - Bukner Perú - PDF
  • Presentation Ariel Flores e Israel Cruz - JUCONI México - PDF

Presentations – September 5, 2019

  • Presentation Susana Brignoni - PDF
  • Presentation Mariana Incarnato - DONCEL Argentina - PDF
  • Presentation Rosalee Gage Grey - Smiles Mobile Jamaica - PDF
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